Offshore Services

Offshore Services

We offer specialized offshore services for petroleum fields and ships including industrial and domestic waste disposal, Crude Oil Tank Cleaning at port/offshore and Certification. In addition to the services listed above, we also provide Electrical and Electronics Maintenance. Our 24-hour emergency service maintains maximum efficiency for our clients.


Crude Oil Tank Cleaning and Certification

The cleaning of crude oil and derivative product tanks is required to prevent damages and loss to clients especially in cases of infection by contaminants such as; Water, Sludge sand and Dirt, Salt and Scale, Waxes, Asphaltene, and other Inorganic Substances. We Provide safe, healthy and environmentally friendly tank cleaning solutions and certify them for use by our clients.

Electrical and Electronics Maintenance

To enable continuity and operational efficiency for our clients, we offer them regular electrical and electronics maintenance on their vessels. We execute this operation using three procedures; Preventive Maintenance, Corrective and Conditional maintenance. These Procedures guide us on how we schedule maintenance operations on our client's vessels and keep them running at all times

Industrial and Domestic Waste Disposal

Incorrect disposal of industrial and domestic waste products can cause serous harm to the environment. We've been helping clients dispose their waste in the most environmentally friendly methods. We do this through waste treatment, recycling and other non hazardous procedures.