Speed Boat Rental / Crew Change

Trusted Speed Boat Rental & Crew change Partner

We believe that prioritizing workers' wellbeing and safety is very essential in the maritime industry to ensure successful and safe operations of maritime trade.

As a trusted partner, Shipping companies rely on us for crew, change vessel provision and transportation. We respond to their requirements through the provision of high-speed boats of various capacity for crew transportation. The smallest of our vessels have a capacity of 10 and the number increases with our medium seized and larger speed boats that have larger capacity.

We equally value the success of our clients that's why we provide their requirements on time so that their operations never get halted.

Our Port Anchorage Locations

  • Port of Douala / Anchorage
  • Port of Kribi / Anchorage
  • Limbe Deepsea port /Anchorage¬†

Our Boats