Transport & Logistics

Your Trusted Transport and Logistics Partner

As the global market landscape constantly evolve, businesses across the globe are constantly in search of solutions to help them adapt to the ever changing market. The transport and logistics industry have proven to be one of the main drivers of global trade with existing competition amongst service providers to gain market dominance. As one of the fastest growing transport and logistics service provider  in the gulf of guinea, we a fully committed to providing the best all round service to our clients. 

Our Services


Realtime Tracking and Calculation

With advance GPS monitoring and tracking system, you can comfortably detect the exact location of your shipment in Realtime and get the estimated time of its arrival.

Expedite Transit

We can always push the bars for our clients in critical times to enable them catchup with their objectives. Our Expedite transit solution is one like no other, associated with our government networks and with the latest technologies that enable us to calculate the best and fastest route to get your shipment to you at the desired time. You can always count on us!

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Looking for an ultimate logistics partner in the gulf of Guinea to manage the flow of your goods and services between your businesses and your clients?, HOMASES is the one stop shop for all your supply chain management needs. We have a digital supply chain management solution put in place to handle the constant flow of your supplies without interruption.