Vessel Maintenance

Vessel Maintenance

Keeping your vessel alive is how you ensure the continuity of your operations at sea and also guarantee the safety of your crew's lives and assets. We provide both onshore and offshore ship maintenance services. 

Our Maintained Procedures includes;

  1. Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance carried out regularly based on schedule
  2. Corrective or Breakdown Maintenance carried out during ship breakdown
  3. Condition Maintenance is carried out based on regular checks on the condition of parts

Our Maintenance Services;

  • Navigation equipment installation and maintenance (Echo Sounder, GPS & other Navigation Equipment)
  • Grit Sweeping / Grit Blasting / Jet washing & Painting.

  • Grit Sweeping / Grit Blasting / Jet washing & Painting.

  • . Hand Scrubbing / Removal of Grass Barnacles from Hull bottom.
  • . Sea Chest & Gratings – Scrapped, Cleaned and Grit Blasting & Painting
  • Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Painting of Machinery Bilge Spaces.

  • . Cleaning & Painting of Fresh water tanks, Sea water Ballast tanks, Lube oil tanks & Diesel tanks.

  • Repairing / Refurbishing of Miscellaneous Electrical Panel & Equipment
  • Services of Main Engine & Generator – Box Coolers.
  • Replacement of Air Conditioning Units. etc.